Nu-Calgon 4360-84 Scale Remover (PICK UP ONLY)

Nu-Calgon 4360-84 Scale Remover (PICK UP ONLY)

  • $491.50

No. 233 Cal-Treat controls severe corrosion in evaporative condensers and cooling towers and inhibits scale deposits Liquid Scale Dissolver contains low-foaming corrosion inhibitors and a built-in pH color indicator to remove calcium scales from cooling towers and other water-cooled equipment No. 340 Liquid Scale Inhibitor is effective in preventing the formation of scale in hard or highly alkaline water Ty-Ion B14A Steam Boiler Treatment is an all-in-one boiler treatment controlling boiler scale, corrosion, and condensate line corrosion in low pressure, low make-up steam heating boilers Ty-Ion B20 Boiler/Closed System Treatment is for use in boiler/closed recirculating systems which combines corrosion inhibitors, dispersant, and color indicator into a complete treatment for both hot and chilled water closed systems containing ferrous and non-ferrous metal components; color indicator facilitates leak detection and proper treatment residuals Ty-Ion C70 Open Cooling System Treatment is an all-organic liquid scale, deposit and corrosion inhibitor for use in open recirculating cooling water systems, evaporative condensers; effective in preventing scale deposits in systems utilizing make-up water with high scaling potential Please Contact Us For the Freight Charge


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