Source 1 S1-THEC11NS Thermostat

Source 1 S1-THEC11NS Thermostat

  • $28.60

Source 1 S1-THEC11NS Non-Programmable Thermostat

The S1-THEC11NS offers basic operation of HVAC equipment at an affordable price. Operating on either 24V system power or 2 AA batteries (included), the S1-THEC11NS is compatible with most equipment including millivolt systems. The front loading compartment makes battery replacements a snap.

The separate RC and RH terminals allows easy retrofit on older systems with dual transformers.

  • 1-Stage Heat / 1-Stage Cool thermostat
  • Works with Heat Pumps, Gas Electrics or Hydronic Heating
  • 2, 3, 4 or 5 wires compatible
  • Setpoints are never lost in power failure
  • Fully electronic for accurate, responsive temperature control
  • Separate RC and RH terminals
  • Battery operated
  • Compatible with 24VAC, DC, and millivolt systems
  • Battery or system powered
  • *Does not control auxiliary heat
  • Large LCD
  • Room temperature & set temperature displayed
  • Easy to operate
  • Heat/Off/Cool – Fan On/Fan Auto


Ask a Question
  • the word heat is flashing, what could that mean?

    It should mean the unit is calling for heat. Please see manual for details.

  • how do you know id batteries need changed?

    A low battery icon will be displayed on the screen.

  • How do you open this thermostat to see about the batteries

    Hi, just flip open the front cover and you will see the battery cover. Thanks.

  • what if the lights are flashing on and off.

    Could be a power source problem but please refer to manual link below for troubleshooting.

    Owner's Manual

  • Have a source 1 thermostat. How do I set it

    Please see instruction manual here.

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