Amana/Goodman 0130M00140S Transformer

Amana/Goodman 0130M00140S Transformer

  • $24.40

The Amana/Goodman 0130M00140S Transformer is a premium OEM replacement transformer used on most gas furnaces by Amana, Goodman, and Janitrol. This brand new replacement part has an enclosed configuration with protective plastic covers and with a convenient mounting plate. It comes with two-hole mounting bracket on back opposite terminals and terminals for easy and quick connection. This 120V to 24V, 40VA transformer replaces Goodman and Janitrol part numbers 0130M00140 and B1141605. It is intended for use with: GMT (All), GDT (All), GMTH (All), GMNT (All), GCV90905DXA, GCS904053BXA, GCS90703BXA, GCS90904CXA, GDS80904BNA, GDS80904BXA, GDS81155CNA, GDS80453ANA, GDS80703ANA, GDS80703AXA, GDS80904BNA, GDS80904BXA, GMS80704BNA, GHS80453ANA, GHS80704BNA, GHS80905CNA, GMS80453ANA, GMS80453AXA, GMS80703ANA, GMS81155CXA, GMS80704BXA, GMS80903BNA, GMS80904BNA, GMS80905CNA, GMS80905CXA, GMS81155CNA, GMS81405DNA, GMS90453BXA, GMS90703BXA, GMS90904CXA, GMS91155DXA, GMV90704CXA, GMV90905DXA, GMV91155DXA


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