York 025-35306-000 Flame Sensor

York 025-35306-000 Flame Sensor

  • $16.92

York S1-025-35306-000 Flame Sensor

For Use With: DL-06N12ATAAA1A, DL-06N12AWAAA1A, DL-07N12ATAAA1A, DL-07N12AWAAA1A, DL-07N18ATAAA1A, DL-07N18AWAAA1A, DL-08N12ATAAA1A, DL-08N18ATAAA1A, DL-08N18AWAAA1A, DL-10N18ATAAA1A, DL-10N18AWAAA1A, DL-10N24ATAAA1A, DL-10N24AWAAA1A, DL-12N18ATAAA1A, DL-12N18AWAAA1A, DL-12N24ATAAA1A, DL-12N24AWAAA1A s1-025-35306-000


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