BASO H15AR-3 Pilot Valve

BASO H15AR-3 Pilot Valve

  • $185.37

BASO H15AR-3 3/8" 180 CFH Safety Pilot Valve. The H15 Series pilot valves provide safe lighting and complete shutoff of pilot and main burner gas in the event that the flame heating the thermocouple is extinguished. They are designed for standing pilot applications and can be used with natural gas and Liquefied Petroleum (LP) gas, at pressures up to 0.5 psi (35 mbar [3.5 kPa]). Typical applications include commercial cooking equipment, heaters, kilns, dishwashing equipment, industrial ovens, and similar applications.


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  • is it advisable to replace the brass connection fittings at the same time when reinstalling this part. even if there is no damage to the piece?

    That is not a requirement so it really depends on the condition of the fittings that you currently have.

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