Johnson Controls P20CB-8 Pressure Control

Johnson Controls P20CB-8 Pressure Control

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Johnson Controls P20CB-8 Low Pressure Control


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  • I need the part for ICE-O-MATIC ice maker,the model number is ICU 220HAZ, the part number is P20cb-8.MILE HIGH EQUIPMENT P/N 9041094-05 lO CLOSE 41 PSIG. Does you product match what I need? please let me Know,I need exactly the same one.

    P20CB-8 is the Johnson Controls part number so if your switch is made by Johnson Control and has the same part number then they are the same part. We are not sure, however, if P20CB-8 is the same part as Ice O Matic 9041094-05. Thank you.

  • If I purchase the Johnson Controls P20CB-8 Pressure Control, with original shipping. What days will I expect to have it?

    Hi, regular shipping takes approx. 3-5 business days to arrive. Thank you.

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