Refrigerant R-134A R134A 30 Lbs HVAC/R

  • $322.00

Refrigerant R134A 30 Lbs. with HVAC / Refrigeration 1/4" SAE connection. 100% Virgin Refrigerant. R134A is a popular refrigerant for Auto and Refrigeration applications. Please contact us for bulk orders. 

To convert this HVAC R134A 1/4" SAE connection (HVAC Standard) to 1/2" ACME  connection (Automobile Standard) please see adapter part number AF-13455

R134a is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant that has been designed to provide superior cooling performance with low environmental impact. It is a non-ozone depleting refrigerant and has a lower global warming potential (GWP) compared to traditional refrigerants such as R-12, making it a more environmentally responsible choice.

R134a has a high cooling capacity and is capable of operating at a wide range of temperatures, making it an ideal choice for automotive and commercial air conditioning systems that need to maintain consistent temperatures in various environments.

EPA 608 License or Resale Statement Required to Purchase. Available to Lower 48 only.


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  • I have a universal spa certificate and I work for refrigeration company can I buy this product

    Yes, universal EPA certificate is ok.

  • Can I buy a 30 lb bottle with epa608 type 1

    Yes you can.

  • I have a 609 certification. Is this ok to purchase?

    Yes, EPA 609 is accepatable for R-134a. Thank you.

  • I own a Motorcoach bus and need this item to be able to recharge my AC unit on my bus which takes 24 to 30 pounds of freon. Can I purchase directly from you?

    Yes, but we would need either EPA 608, EPA 609 or a resale statement in order to sell R-134A. Thanks.

  • Does EPA 609 Certification is also acceptable correct?

    Yes. EPA 609 is accepatable as well.

  • I'm not getting it to resell and I have a Mac license will that work

    As of typing of this answer, only certified EPA 608 person OR person who would re-sell or transfer the refrigerant to a certified person or another re-seller could buy refrigerant for stationary AC or Refrigeration equipment use. However since R-134a is also used on autos you could buy it with EPA 609 license if you will use it on autos or for resale. Thanks.

  • where is it shipping from

    City of Industry, California.

  • I'm a certified automotive mechanic in the state of MI. I do also have a dba.

    Please email a copy of your EPA license (not contractor's license) in PDF or JPEG format to

  • 1)Does this have UV dye in it? 2)This tank is set up for HVAC, correct? The adapter is for automotive?

    No UV dye in it as far as we know. This tank has the HVAC standard connection and you will need an adaper to convert the connection to automotive standard.

  • I have an IMACA certification for Mobile refrigeration repair. Can I purchase this from you?

    EPA 609 works as well for R134A.

  • Is this good for sealed system refrigerators or only for automotive? I know they are different and I want to be sure that I am getting the correct one.

    The content, R134A refrigerant, is the same but the valve on our jug is 1/4" HVACR standard connection, not the 1/2" AUTO standard connection. However you can order the adapter below to change it to 1/2" AUTO standard connection.


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