Amana-Goodman CONT2P030024VS Contactor

Amana-Goodman CONT2P030024VS Contactor

  • $35.98

24V 2Pole 30amp DP CONTACTOR

CONT2P030024VS is the direct cross of 1360321, B1360321, CONT2P025024VS, CTR1146, B13603-00, B13603-01, C6170002, C6170004, CONT1P025024VS, CONT1P030024, CONT1P030024VS, 3100-20Q679L, CONT1P030024V


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  • Mine has 3 terminals with three wires connected on the right side. This appears to be it except for that fact.

    Please reply with your unit's model and serial numbers so we can check with Goodman.