HVAC SUPER PRO Solderless Bonding

HVAC SUPER PRO Solderless Bonding

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HVAC SUPER PRO Solderless Bonding is a single part, scientifically formulated anaerobic polymer that has a positive valance which gives it an affinity for copper, brass and aluminum. HVAC SUPER PRO can be used to bond copper, brass, and aluminum in any combination. HVAC SUPER PRO is formulated specifically for the the HVAC/R industry, requires less installation time than traditional brazing, plus eliminates the risk of fire, burns, and damage to electronic circuits. Once bonded, HVAC SUPER PRO is as permanent as a brazed joint and guaranteed to last the life of the system. Made in USA. HVAC SUPER PRO starts to set-up (change from a liquid to a solid state) in 10-seconds. Do not handle the bond after 10-seconds and before 3 minutes as this will break the bond and the bond will leak. After 3 minutes, the bond can be handled. When bonding aluminum, do not handle the bond between 10-seconds and 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the bond on aluminum can be handled. In 12 minutes, the bond on copper or brass will withstand 850psi of refrigerant pressure. When fully cured (approximately 2 hours) the bond will withstand 1200psi of refrigerant pressure. Aluminum requires 20 minutes before the bond reaches 850psi. HVAC SUPER PRO is compatible with all refrigerants and oils. HVAC SUPER PRO can be used with standard ANSI copper or brass fittings. There is no need for costly fittings, crimping tools, or crimps. Temperature range after cure: -65 to 350F (-54C to 176C). Maximum continuous pressure after cure: 1200psi. Works on all types of round copper, brass, and aluminum tubing (the tubing must be round and fit the connector properly at the bonding area). Fill space: 20 thousandths of an inch. Adherence Strength (ASTM 4541): Pull-apart: 1500 foot pounds on 3/4-inch tubing; Rotational: 450 foot pounds on 1/2-inch tubing. A HVAC SUPER PRO bond will come apart when heated above 450F. It is critical to sand the outside of the tubing and the inside of the fitting with 60-grit sanding cloth. 60-grit sanding cloth is included with each package of HVAC SUPER PRO. Using any sanding medium or a wire brush will result in an inferior bond, and nullifies all HVAC SUPER PRO warranties and guarantees.

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Ask a Question
  • How many ounces is the bottle?

    1.85 oz.

  • How long does the bottle last after opening?

    It lasts at least 12 months after opening according to factory documentation.

  • Can you repair existing braze leaks?

    No, this product is not designed to fix leaks.

  • can I use this to repair small pin hole on suction side of air conditioner

    Probably not since it is designed for connecting tubings not leak fixing.

  • can this be used to bond aluminum to copper tubing

    Yes it can. Please see link below for details.