IO Hvac Controls iO-WR Wireless Relay

IO Hvac Controls iO-WR Wireless Relay

  • $219.70

IO Hvac Controls iO-WR Wireless Relay. 

The iO-WR Wireless Relay Kit contains 2 four-channel transceivers. The base module has 3 transmitting channels and 1 receiving channel. The satellite module has 3 receiving channels and 1 transmitting channel. Each transceiver module uses a redundant transmission protocol for failsafe protection. If either module does not receive a valid “ON” or “OFF” transmission signal within 60 seconds, the output(s) will be turned off.

Dimensions: 5 1/8” Height x 2 5/8” Width x 1 1/8” Depth (Base & Satellite)
Input Voltage: 24VAC
Channels: Base - 3 send, 1 receive
                  Satellite - 1 send, 3 receive
Contact Rating: 1A per channel
Addresses: Unlimited kits can be installed in the same building
Frequency: 915MHz proprietary protocol
Range: 100’ from satellite module depending on building type


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  • What would be the main reason when you can’t get the base and satellite to pair up?

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