Johnson Controls F93B-1 Control

Johnson Controls F93B-1 Control

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Johnson Controls F93B-1 1-1/4" Air Volume Controls for Deep Wells. Johnson Controls F93B-1 is designed to control air volume within a residential water storage tank. It is important to keep the pressure within the tank at its designed range in order for it to operate correctly and efficiently. For more information please check the following product specification page.

F93B-1 is identical to F93B-1C


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  • why is mine leaking around the brass nut and what do I do to fix it.

    Hi, it could be the nut or the connector thread is damaged. You could try the product listed below if that doesn't fix it you need to replace the valve or the connector. Thanks.

  • Our F93B-1 float valve needs to be replaced but the one that was brought in for us does not have a threaded brass connector with an attachment to attach a plastic tube to vent the gas from the tank out a window as our well lets off methane gas through the pump into the tank. Do you have the correct float for us? Or do we have to replace the brass nut on the bottom to accommodate the adapter for the hose?

    Please see below tech sheet for some of the parts available for this valve. Thank you.

    Tech Sheet

  • my tank became waterlogged. Is this part the issue? I drained and refilled it and it is working normally now but my concern is if this part has failed, it will become waterlogged again.

    Hi, it is hard to pinpoint where the problem is without checking it out in the field. It could be this part or something else so it is best to have a contractor take a look. Thank you.

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