Nordyne 903773 Blower Assembly

Nordyne 903773 Blower Assembly

  • $250.57

8" 3 speed 3 Ton Blower Assy

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  • Is this a 110 volt or 220 volt hook up?


  • What are the ratings of the motor? And what models will this interchange with? This is the third site I’ve found the same product on with zero specs or ratings. Shaft diameter length? Permanent split capacitor? Depending on Hp, rpm, shaft size, hz,voltage and rotation I could stockpile several of these for the hard winters in the mountains and all of my family and friends needs.

    Hi, since factory only provided limited data we may not have all the information you need on hand. If you know what spec you need please reply with the specs so we can look for a motor thay may suit your need instead of looking up an OEM part number then search for the specs from the factory. Thank you.

  • What are the dimensions of the bottom opening?

    10 X 7.5”  

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