ACI PXP1.3 Control

ACI PXP1.3 Control

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ACI PXP1.3 - The PXP*.3 is an electric to pneumatic transducer which converts an analog electrical input signal to a proportional pneumatic output. The PXP*.3 will automatically modulate its control valve(s) to regulate the branch line pressure to the selected set point as determined by the input signal. The PXP*.3 offers four selectable input ranges of 0 to 0 to 1 0 to 15 VDC and 0-20 mA that produce a 0 to 15 psig modulating output. A 0-5 VDC feedback signal indicating the resultant branch line pressur is also provided. This signal varies linearly with branch pressure (0 volts = 0 psi 5 volts = 15 psig). The PXP0.3 is a single valve version that does not bleed or exhaust air. Its operation depends on the pneumatic circuit where it is installed to consume between 14 and 73 standard cubic" per minute (scim). The PXP1. 5. and 7.3 are constant bleed controllers with branch exhaust response time determined by the bleed orifice size and pressure differentials (see page 2 ordering information). If power fail the PXP1. 5. or 7.3 will continue to bleed through the bleed orifice until branch pressure is zero psig. A 3-way solenoid valve assembly may be used with the bleed type PXP1. 5. or 7.3 to allow control to fail back to the original local controller if power fails. Three way mixing valve control Pilot positioner control Compressor stagin Chiller loading


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