Trane KIT17858 HSI Control

Trane KIT17858 HSI Control

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Trane KIT17858 24V 2 Stage HSI Control

KIT17858 is the direct replacement for 50A51-405, 50A51-495, CNT2184, D330937P01


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  • I'm looking for a replacement Control Board for Model: 50A51-495 D330937P01 CNT2184. The Trane KIT17858 HSI Control board in the photo on your site looks quite different from the original and replacement boards. I just want to make sure that it will mount exactly the same as the White Rodger's Emerson Electric versions we have used in the past for the Trane XL 80. I can also be reached at: 408-799-9992

    While KIT17858 is listed as the replacement it seems that some wiring terminals are not the same. We suggest having a contractor replace it for you since it might not be a simple wire for wire replacement. Thank you.

  • What's the difference between a 50A51-405 and a 50A51-506. I need the -506 or direct replacement.

    50A51-506 is discontinued and the replacement retrofit kit is KIT9370. Looks like it involves more than just replacing the board. Please see instructoin manual at the link below and decide if it suits your need.
    Instruction Manual

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