York S1-THEC11P5S Thermostat

York S1-THEC11P5S Thermostat

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S1-THEC11P5S is identical to THEC11P5S


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  • I currently have the THEC11NS, but want to upgrade to THEC11P5S for its programmability. Can I do this without having to change the wiring or the wall-mounted stuff, and just replace the electronic module?

    Please see link below for installation manuals to see if any changes is needed for your application.


  • Is this a direct (drop-in) replacement for the S1-THEC11NS ?

    THEC11NS is still available so the THEC11P5S is not listed as a direct replacement by the manufacturer.

  • How to get the heat to come on says 65 degrees I turn the button to cool then to the heat setting what do I do first

    Please see manual below for detailed instruction. 


  • How to I set the time? We fell back 1 hour yesterday ???

    Please see link below for user manual. Thank you.

    User Manual

  • How do you set thermostat to get heat when it cold

    Hi, please see manual at the link below. Thanks.

    Owner's Manual

  • How do you set thermostat to get colder

    Please see link below for owner's manual.

    Owner's Manual

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